F1 2013 Review

First off, I know this review seems rather late. But due to the fact F1 2014 hasn’t been released, F1 2013 is still the newest game in the series. Just so you know I am a die-hard f1 fan, I even get up at stupid times of the morning to watch the races. Although this doesn’t mean that I buy the new F1 game every year, I own: F1 2003, F1 06, F1 2011 and F1 2013. Normally when the new game is released I look at the new features and wonder, ‘is it worth £30?’

Well this year, (actually last year) I decided to not only buy the game, but I bought it the day it came out. (I’ll explain the importance of this later on)

With an annual series you always think, how similar is this to last years game? But I’d say the changes that have been put in, mean that F1 2011/12 seems almost old fashioned in comparison.

I’ll start with the new stuff:

This game should be seen as a simulator, so you hope it’d be as close to real life as possible. Codemasters have done this by focusing on strategy. In 2011/12 you could alter your fuel mix, it made you go faster, but used more fuel. Remember no re-fueling allowed, so at some point in a race, you had to consider. ‘How much fuel have I got?’ In 2013, a new bit of strategy was added. control over your brakes.


It’s a minor change but to me its a good thing. Imagine this, you’ve got cold front tyres, so you shift the brake balance forward to generate more heat. But oh dear, you’ve done this for too long an your front tyres are ruined, got to pit. It just adds another layer of realism to it.

This year the damage and AI systems has had an overhaul this year.

Starting with damage. This year I’ve noticed that what ever damage you have, actually effects the car, you damage the rear wing, the back will slide more. Once again little things make a big difference. In previous games, when ever you hit anyone, you’d lose bodywork, but it’d be in one big chunk. It bugged me as the cars are made of carbon fibre, in real races whenever there’s contact you see it break into a thousand pieces. Looks like someone at Codemasters was listening:


(No Caterhams where harmed in the making of this review…)

Next, the AI, in most games the AI, was pretty lifeless, it stuck to the racing line like glue and never ever seemed to make even the slightest mistakes. Finally that issue is solved in 2013, but part of me wishes someone had done this sooner. The biggest change is that AI cars will crash and make mistakes all by themselves. It still surprises me when you in a situation like: ‘Couple cars ahead of me, nothing will happen…. Five seconds later, ‘wait, oh god, someone is flying towards me’ you attempt to move but it’s too late. My only slight issue, is how the AI reacts to punctures, they stick to the racing line and slow down. The issue is that from a distance you can’t tell that the car ahead has a puncture, so you’re trying to overtake at 200MPH you realised the gap between you and the car ahead is closing far too fast, because they’ve stopped moving. One of two things will happen: You’ll either manage to avoid the car or smash straight into the back of him.

Minor note, the safety car system has been improved, it controls the ‘pack’ better the only issue is that it seems reluctant to do it’s job, if you want to see it you’ll need to cause a 5 car pile-up.

The online play is great, it seems to find lots of races very quickly, you’re never sitting in a lobby for very long. But it’s downfall is the fact this is an annual series, if you own 2013, as soon as 2014 comes out, no one plays online on 2013, so at the most you get a year of decent online play. I found this out the hard way, as I bought F1 2011 only a couple weeks before 2012 was released so I never really got to experience online in F1 2011. But this is just an annoying part of annual games that we must deal with.

I bought the ‘Classic Edition’ of the game, for about an extra £10 you get, four ‘classic’ F1 circuits and 7 or 8 classic cars from the 80s and 90s. I’d really only recommend this to proper F1 fans.

Overall, I think F1 2013 is a fantastic edition to the series, it sorted issues from previous games and added a lot of great new features on top. It’s just a shame that it will soon be forgotten about, when F1 2014 is released.

P.S I’m intending to start an F1 based blog aswell. Over the course of a race weekend, I will do 2 posts a ‘report’ on qualifying and the race. I may post in the week if any major news breaks.

Don’t panic I haven’t forgottern about this blog, although I don’t buy games that often, although my 3DS has changed that.

At some point in the near future I’ll do a Mario Kart 7 review. (I’m waiting until I finish Zelda ALBW, before I do Mario Kart) It’s very likely that I’ll be doing an Ocarina of Time 3D review and a Super Smash Bros review, once I’ve bought them


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