Mario Kart 7 Review

As promised, I’ve finally got around to reviewing Mario Kart 7.

The basic formula for this game is relatively similar to it’s predecssor, Mario Kart DS. There is new features, don’t panic. First, the hang glider system (sorry for the quality)

mario kart 7 3DS yoshi racing while gliding parasail


At particular points at certain tracks, there are areas containing large jumps, that will activate the system, this allows you to glide about collecting coins and finding shortcuts. There is also underwater sections, but that doesn’t really change how the karts behave.

It’s now possible to collect a maximum of 10 coins per race, these coins are a way of unlocking new parts to customise your kart. That customisation isn’t fantastic though, despite the fact there’s quite a few combinations of parts, there’s not much difference between different combinations. Bit of a wasted oppotunity there.

Just like Mario Kart of old, the game offers a mix of new tracks and classic ones. They’ve actually bothered to alter the classic tracks so that are new shortcuts and glider areas. The new tracks aren’t exactly mind-blowing but they still feel quite fresh. Although I am starting to hate the person who designed the newest ‘Rainbow Road’, oh the number of times i’ve fallen off… Although my preferred tracks are the couple from Mario Kart Wii, because the 3DS versions look almost identical to the Wii version. Therein lies my biggest issue, I feel as if the true title of this game should’ve been ‘Mario Kart DS HD’ Thats simply because I feel the new features could be described as ‘gimmicky’.

Quick note of the character roster, I and many others (ahem Sam) have agreed. The new characters such as King Bee are not fantastic choices, but worst of all…. Waluigi was not included!

Nintendo must not like the guy many fans hoped he’d appear in Super Smash Bros Brawl as a character, but nope, to the annoyance of fans, he’s simply an assist trophy. In recent months those very same fans where hoping he’d finally be playable in Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS/ Wii U). Yeah….. NOPE, he’s in the game but once again simply an assist trophy.

Waluigi rant over….

In conclusion, I’m not saying this is a bad game, it may be using the same basic formula, but it’s a good formula, so why change it?. I just love the fact that if you’ve got a free 5 minutes, you can just pic it up and play. I was just hoping for something a little ‘radical’ and different. But who knows, Nintendo could deliver that in the upcoming Mario Kart 8 for Wii U.

(Note 100% what the next review will be, it’ll be either Pokemon or Zelda)


2 thoughts on “Mario Kart 7 Review

  1. Robbie Phypers

    Brilliant nick, i’ve hardly played it but i kind of want to now. FYI there is a spelling mistake in the conclusion (pic, instead of pick).

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