Nintendo Mistakes

Firstly, I’m doing this to attempt to expand the blog. I’ve been thinking of odd little things that Nintendo have done that are/were terrible. I sense a flame war coming on…

New Super Mario Bros Series

mario bros


This particular series, has a number of titles, New Super Mario Bros, NSM Bros 2, NSM Bros Wii and NSM Bros U. My issue here is that those 4 games are the same game, even Nintendo themselves have admitted the core idea hasn’t changed. I know Mario is a key franchise for Nintendo, but it seems like they’re making Mario games because they feel they have to. The few times Mario has gone outside the box, i.e. Super Mario Galaxy it worked very well. When it comes to Mario, take some more risks Nintendo!

Super Smash Bros 4 Character Roster


I admit I’ve already ranted about this a bit in my Mario Kart 7 review, but this is a slightly separate issue, the Wii Fit Trainer has been annouced as being in the game. My problem here is that, all previous Smash Bros characters, you can kind of imagine those people fighting. But the Wii Fit Trainer? C’mon, it just doesn’t feel right.

In other Super Smash news, i’m annoyed that we won’t have a Subspace Emissary-type single player. I’ll admit the cutscenes and plot was epic, however the presentation was afwul, I think it stemmed from using a fighting game engine to try and make a platformer. But I think Nintendo should’ve giving it another go to be honest.

DSi XL Resolution


This is a pretty nerdy thing, so I’ll keep it brief. When the DSi XL was launched, people loved the bigger screens. But in order to keep costs down, Nintendo chose not to alter the resolution, this means that some games you could tell they where looking a bit stretched. Annoyingly this was most noticeable on games where the bigger screens where a major plus point, looking at you, GTA: Chinatown Wars.

The Wii U


If you’ve been reading the news in recent months you’ll know that the Wii U is really not doing well at all, here’s my theory as to why.

Nintendo is known for trying to keep costs low for its products, so in order to keep the Wii U cheap, after including the expensive to make Gamepad, the quality of the console itself suffered, no HD. What Nintendo should have done is put the majority of the budget into the actual Wii U console and then put the remaining money into the Gamepad, the risky bit. This meant that if people didn’t like the Gamepad, at least you had a high quality console to fall back on. But because Nintendo sunk the majority of the money into the Gamepad, it’s meant that people haven’t liked the concept and the console to fall back on, is not very good. Hence terrible sales.

The future…. The lifespan of the Wii was 6 years, so we’ll guess that in theory the end of the Wii U’s lifespan will end in 2018. However unless something changes I think Nintendo may kill it off early. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has done this, they abandoned the infamously terrible Virtual Boy early to work on ‘Project Reality’ AKA the N64.


Odds are, my next review will be Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D and not Pokemon X/Y, sorry.




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