What Nintendo did well

First off, apologies for the lack of posts: This was caused by 2 things, 1 there was a lot of F1 content to cover and 2 I’ll be honest I was stuck for ideas. But I’ve decided to do a more positive Nintendo post in response to my previous negative post.

Important Update: I’ve finally set a date for the Ocarina of Time review, this will be around the 1st or second week of June. Basically that’s because I’ve got exams to revise for, so I cant’ spend my Easter playing games, it takes up too much time. However I will be doing some smaller posts like this, if I get the time. Anyway to business…..

The Wii


The Wii is proof that thinking outside the box can work. I was given the option, not long after the Wii’s launch, to buy either a Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3. I ruled out Xbox as I hadn’t had any experience with them. I ruled out the PS3, because I was thinking it’s just a slighty better version of my PS2. It was simple the Wii’s motion control was an entirely new idea, which caught my eye, so I bought one. I feel one of the Wii’s/Nintendo’s best moves was Wii Sports: It was a simply easy game, designed purely to show off what the Wii could do and it did that, and got people interested. Now I’m not a Wii U owner, but basically the Wii U’s Wii Sports was Nintendoland. I’ve not played it but many say it’s good because just as Will Sports did, Nintendoland is just a showcase of the Wii U’s features . But that can’t help the drastically poor sales of the console.

Nintendo going in a new direction/Old game remakes

In recent years Nintendo wanted to branch out and try new things for their traditional series. My god did they deliver… 2 key games

Super Mario Galaxy


This game not only took the Mario franchise in a new direction, it improved it even more, huge open worlds, creative level design, epic soundtrack

It also proved to gamers just what the Wii could do, it may not be stunning HD, yet the visuals in that game where staggering. In proves that Nintendo knows what it’s trying to achieve, and then they just get on with it.

Zelda on handhelds


When it was announced there was a Zelda game planned for the DS, people got very concerned. Basically many people loved the sheer size and opportunity to explore of the Home Console games, but people began doubting you’d get the same feeling on a handheld. Not only did this work, but there are lovely little bits that felt unique compared to the console versions. For example the fact that the bottom screen of your DS is a map, which you can annotate with the locations of treasure etc.

Old Game Remakes

Whenever Nintendo announces they’re remaking old games for a new console. You get those annoying people who say, “Nintendo is out of new ideas, so is just re-using old ones”

That’s totally not true, they do this to allow a new generation of gamers to appreciate older games. Personal example, The N64 was a bit before my time I never played any games on it. When Nintendo announced a re-make of Orcarina of Time, I wanted it, not because of the load of fantastic reviews for the new version. But because so many people say it’s one of the best if not the best N64 game and I wanted to find out what in the fuss is about. Thanks to advancing technology the graphics of the remakes are better than the originals. So they’ve made an already brilliant game even better.

Nintendo are good at adding in nice little, things that make you smile in their remakes: Take Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, the remakes of Silver and Gold (duh)


Anyone who’s played Pokemon Yellow for more than 2 seconds knows that Pikachu, and only Pickachu would be behind the player and walked with you.

However in HG/SS this was expanded upon, now whichever Pokemon was first in your team would be behind you as a 8-bit sprites, any of them.


Keep up the good work Nintendo!


















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