Ideas For Nintendo

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had ideas for what Nintendo could do to improve some of their key franchises. I won’t deny I’ve had quite a few, but he’s my top 3.


Super Mario Galaxy 3/Mario Galaxy Wii U

galaxy wii u

Now, we all know that the Wii U has been struggling, even the Mario games for the system. (Although I could be right, Nintendo have been hinting that the franchise isn’t dead) I then had a thought, Mario Galaxy was a very popular franchise for the Wii, and could help the Wii U. A lot of the praise given to the first 2 games where the visuals. Thanks to the greater power of the Wii U things would look even better. I’ll admit, despite my best efforts I can’t really decide what the GamePad would do, when the game is played on the TV. However one idea I had, is to give the game ‘Off TV’ abilities. Meaning being able to play it just on the GamePad. During Off TV mode, there are around 20-30 extra power stars to obtain or a similar idea.


Legend of Zelda Crossover Game

zelda 2

As we all know the Zelda Timeline is a topic that even now is up for debate. This idea for a game stemmed from an idea I was going to include for my Mario Galaxy section. I thought why not have a bonus level, where the Marios from different eras, thanks to time travel to defeat Bowser? The reason I rejected this is that the Mario franchise hasn’t touched on to time travel, so the idea would seem out-of-place. (There is one example of time travel in the series, a game called ‘Mario’s Time Machine’ however this is actually a terrible game built for MS-DOS, hence why I’m ignoring it)

I then began wondering if any major Nintendo franchise had ever covered time travel…

I then felt very stupid, as a moment later I remembered that Zelda has dealt with this many times. The game has 3 separate timelines for god’s sake! Much like in my Galaxy idea, I originally felt this too could’ve just been one bonus level in a Zelda game.

Although the more I thought about it, I realised, this could work as a standalone game.

The idea being that the game would be divided into sections, one for each ‘version’ of Link. i.e. you’d have a section of 8-bit styled levels, then another of cel-shaded style levels etc. Then all the Links come together to fight Ganon in true Avengers style.

One thing that annoyed me, was coming up for a hypothetical title for it. The worst part is that ‘A Link Between Worlds’ would’ve been a great name. Why couldn’t ALBW use its orignal title of ‘A Link to The Past 2?’

As this will never get made, I just hope Nintendo is working on a Majora’s Mask 3DS remake.

Super Smash Bros 4 Single Player


I’ve touched on this before, so I’ll be brief.

Yes, Brawl’s single player was terribly flawed, but the idea was sound, it just needs improving! It’s not that hard Nintendo, you’ve improved flawed games/series before….















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