Ocarina of Time 3DS Preview/First Impressions

Firstly, I’m not dead! I just got side-tracked with other things.

At the moment, I’m nowhere near the end of the game, but considering, the amount of time, I’ve been saying, I’ll do a review of it, I thought I’d write this, to tie you over.

There is a chance, depending on the yet to be confirmed release date of Super Smash Bros 4, that I may temporarily stop playing Zelda, to give you a review of Smash Bros, which will be a brand new game. Whereas Ocarina came out back in June 2011.

For this I’m just going to do simple pros and cons:


Music: In most cases I never bother listening to the music in games, but considering the amount of praise the game’s soundtrack gets, I thought I’d make an exception. I’m so glad I did, the music in that game is second to none, For the last couple weeks, I’ve had so much of it in my head.

Puzzles: This may seem obvious considering it’s a Zelda game, and despite the fact I’m only 2 dungeons in. One of the first thing that made me smile is the little puzzle to get through the Lost Woods. As you go through you’re given 3 possible entrances, the way you work out the correct route, is the music will become louder when you’re pointing the correct way.


(These are subject to change, by the time I write the full review)

Controls: I have 2 issues with the controls, first the gyroscopic aiming, which means in order to aim your slingshot, you have to physically move your 3DS. But moving your 3DS means you fall out of the 3D ‘sweet spot’ so the effect is ruined. Admittedly, I have since discovered you can switch it off, but I feel, it should be off by default, allowing you to discover the 3D effect. My second issue is the fact the controls sometimes, don’t do what I want, the best example is during the moving and climbing. Far too many times, I’ve wanted to climb up a stone, but because I’m not at the perfect angle, Link tries to grab the stone.

Navi: In the original game, Navi was infamous for shouting “HEY LISTEN” every 5 seconds. Luckily she’s not as bad in the remake, although the 1 in a 100 times I need help, she either says nothing, or says something pointless like ‘Remember to target with L” Helpful..

Setting: Who the hell at Nintendo decided that, no matter where you save your game, when you go to play it again, you’re always back in your house in the forest?! Admittedly Hyrule itself, isn’t huge but I still hate that for the first 5 minutes every time I play, I have to walk back to where I want to be. The fact I played ALBW before this, doesn’t help, as I really got used to the whole ‘teleport to the dungeons with the broomstick mechanic’ AKA the Pokemon Fly mechanic.


This might just be a personal taste thing, but I hate the dungeon maps in this game. First, you actually have to find the map inside the dungeon, so for the first few minutes, you’re blindly walking about hoping to find the correct chest. Second, it has a system where any room you’ve entered is blue on the map, any area you haven’t been in is grey, so you know where you’ve gotta go. But unless I’m being very stupid, unlike the DS games, the doors are not shown on the map. So you might be thinking, ‘ok i need to get to this area of the map, whoops turns out there’s no door, gotta find another way’ Before loads of people shout at me going ‘Zelda games are designed to be hard’ Not knowing, where you’re supposed to go next, makes the game boring, because you’re just aimlessly walking about. Unlike ALBW, this game is a lot more linear, so you can’t say, ‘I’m a bit stuck, I’ll do another dungeon and come back to this later’ because in order for the story to progress you have to finish it.

As I said I’ve barely started the game, so things may change, but sadly at this moment anyway, I’m actually slightly disappointed by it.




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