My Top 5 Playstation 2

I was recently asked by a reader, ‘what’s happened to the gaming blog?’

The answer to that is, nothing, I’ve just been a bit busy, and due to the nature of things, there’s naturally going to be more posts on my other blog.

General Update: I’m still plodding through Ocarina of Time, I’ve just started the Adult Link section, so if I get enough time it might not be too long until my long awaited full review. But I’ve got better news, before that I will be playing and reviewing either:

Luigi’s Mansion 2

Super Mario 3D Land

Resident Evil:Revelations

At this point I’ve got no idea which of the 3 it’s going to be because my birthday is coming up and I’ve got no idea which of those 3 games I’m getting.

I’m also considering putting percentage scores at the end of my future reviews, I will be starting with the review for one of the above games, I may also go back to my old reviews and add percentages to them.

I thought I’d break my Nintendo bias, and do something different. Before anybody moans I’d like to point out, this list, is just personal to me.

Number 5: Pro Evolution Soccer 5


Now, I’m not much of a football fan, but I remembered having a PS2 Demo Disc which had PES 4 on it, and always enjoying it. So one day I thought, ‘why not buy one?’ I went into a branch of GAME and for the grand price of 99p bought a copy of PES 5, the reason I didn’t pick FIFA was I have no previous with the series.

I just love the ‘pick up and play’ of this game, if I’ve got a spare 15 minutes, I’ll stick it on, and because I’m a tad strange, and just loving scoring a goal and then replaying that goal in brilliant slow motion.

Can you really go wrong for 99p?

Number 4: Robot Wars: Areas of Destruction



I loved Robot Wars when I was young, and despite the fact this game has some of the worst graphics and glitches I’ve ever seen, I’ll still go back and play it, because sometimes, a game’s flaws can be what makes it fun to play.

By for and away there’s one feature on this game that made me toy with putting this at number 1: the commentary.

Some of those phrases are just hilarious, including:

“He’s lying on his back like a turtle in sun”

“They’ve made robot pizza of themselves”

And finally….

“The fly-wheel has flown away, it’ll be doing no more damage today!”

The only reason I don’t play this much any more is that it’s one of those old PS2 games with blue discs, that make a lot of noise, and that much noise can’t be a good thing.

Number 3: F1 06

Now I know what some of you will be thinking, ‘surprise, surprise there’s an F1 game on the list’. What I say to you is ‘I like F1, deal with it.

I actually own two F1 PS2 games, F1 2003 and F1 06, so why did I pick 06?

First point is rather obvious, it’s a much better game graphically than 2003. Secondly the damage system in 2003 is terrible, it’s impossible to damage other cars, I’m pretty sure the only bit of your car you can damage is the front wheels, and they come off insanely quickly. This is a point I think I touched on during my F1 2013 review, F1 06’s replay system, it was possible to view replays from multiple angles, from any of the cars involved in the race at any point. This meant if you were in a crash, you could see it from the perspective of the other drivers, not just yourself, which you’re now limited to in the newer games. Ironically my only complaint with this game is the commentary. It was never accurate, for example if you crashed off by yourself, they would always comment ‘(whoever I’m driving as) has crashed with (the car ahead)’ even if that car was 30 seconds ahead and not even close to me at the time.

Number 2: Gran Turismo 4

Yes, I’m a sucker for racing games, who cares. This will sound childish but the big reason I loved this game, was that it allowed me to ‘own’ in a manner of speaking a lot of cars that I really loved and to be able to race them felt really cool. Not only is the core ‘racing simulator’ part of this game fantastic, there’s a lot of little things that make me smile about it; chief among which is the fact the license fail music,is the completely inappropriate ‘Oh Yeah’ by a band called Yellow, stick it into Youtube and you’ll get my point.

Joking aside, this game was very nearly at the number 1 spot however because I’m an idiot I managed to corrupt my save data file, and I’m not too great at the game, a friend of mine got me my licenses, thanks for that Adam, because I never could. As it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get the licenses again, trust me I’ve tried, I’ve had to abandon the game, shame.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

Number 1:James Bond 007:Nightfire

Oh my god, if I recounted all of my memories of this game, this post would be an essay, those amazing multi-player sessions with my friend Peter, arguing about who gets to be Oddjob, making people ‘dance’ with the stunner. I’ve played and seen a few Bond games in my time, but without a shadow of a doubt this is the best one. If anyone cares my send choice is also a PS2 Bond title, Everything or Nothing, which like PES, I first experienced on demo disc.

Both the games walking around and vehicle levels are strong, the plot isn’t bad, considering it’s a game using a film license (I’m looking at you, Disney/Pixar’s Cars)

As I said at the beginning this was a personal list, so my personal feelings where always going to play a role, but I don’t care. The reason why I write all this stuff is because I find it fun and interesting and I don’t care if no-one reads it.

I hope you enjoyed this slight change from the norm, I will try harder to update this blog more, but that review is coming, plus Ocarina is on its way I promise.

I apologise if you can’t see the pictures in this post (they’re just the game’s cover art) WordPress has done something weird to the picture system.  






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