Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Review!!!!!!


Yes, I’ve finally decided to do this. Just in case you don’t read my other blog, where I explained this, I’ll briefly explain this. DISCLAIMER: I haven’t finished the game, I’ve just done the first Adult Link section. But I felt I needed to write this as I’ve kept promising and at the moment, my focus is Resident Evil. As I progress if any of my opinions change, I intend to re-post this with updates.

Here we go…


Lets start with the good stuff:


Before I played this I was aware the reputation this game’s soundtrack had, so I went to factor it in to this review; so I didn’t something rare, normally I don’t play games with the sound on, not entirely sure why, I just do. But this time I made an effort, and I’m glad I did! The music is unobtrusive yet catchy, this is especially true of the Hyrule Field music, you’ll spend quite a bit of time there and trust me, it’ll get into your head. That’s just the tip of a musical iceberg, you’d be stupid to ignore it.

Hidden Areas

I admit this is a minor gameplay mechanic,but it’s worth mentioning, this game is full of secret areas, I’d walk by so many places and realise, I know something’s in there but how do I get to it? I like this for two reasons firstly, I enjoy the general concept, it rewards players who are willing to put time into games (oh the irony…) secondly it’s been something missing from previous hand-held Zelda games to a certain extent, even the fantastic Link Between Worlds and I only realised that I missed this once I got playing.

Controls (well sort of)

Spoiler Alert I actually don’t like the majority of the controls in this game, but I thought I’d mention the one bit I did like: Moving Around.

I’ve mentioned in my Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks review, how I disliked the old, use the stylus system, it never seemed to quite do what I wanted, Link would walk when I needed him to roll into a tree. I’m sorry if I discussed this in my ALBW review, but I’ll say it again, the 3DS joystick improves the movement of this game so much, it just feels more natural and it more comfortable over long periods.

Now, sadly for such an acclaimed game,lets move to the negatives.

The other controls

I have two complaints here. Firstly the use of the gyroscope to aim, meaning you have to physically move the 3DS to aim. Can anybody spot the fatal flaw…? The whole point of the 3DS ‘glasses free’ 3D is that it has a narrow sweet spot through which the 3D can be seen, and thus moving the 3DS moves you out of the sweet spot ruining the 3D effect. Sorry to be blunt but: WHO THE HELL CAME UP WITH THAT?

My second complaint lies with the Nazi-Z-Targeting system, firstly I’ve seen the many memes lamenting the fact that Navi would be constantly in your face saying ‘HEY LISTEN’. However in the 3DS version, in order to lock onto an enemy Navi has to be able to ‘see’ them, a lot of the time Navi was slow to react making it hard to actually find enemies and be able to attack them.


Here lies my biggest problem with this game: It fundamentally feels like what it is a console game shrunk down to a hand-held. In my opinion for a hand-held game to be good, you need to be able to play it in short bursts, maybe 30 minutes per chapter/episode whatever. A hand-held doesn’t lend itself to a 4 hour marathon. Let me give a practical example, in the upcoming 3DS Smash Bros game, there’s going to a be a new mode called Smash Run, that is time limited to 5 minutes, meaning you could complete a run say during a bus ride, that’s what all hand-held games should be like!

I’ve actually found the main culprit for this as well, for some strange reason, unless inside a dungeon or boss, no matter where you save the game you will always restart back in the forest and have to walk back through a lot of places to get to where you need to go. When I first played this, I even thought it was a fault and my game wasn’t saving. While you can argue it’s a mechanic that means whenever you play the game it forces you to appreciate what has been made here; that’s only really true metaphorically. in reality it’s a frustrating thing that artificially lengthens any play session and limits how much you can do in a given time.


To be brutally honest, I’m slightly sad to be writing this, I had such hopes for this game, I thought I finally be able to experience whatever it was about this game that makes quite  a few people consider the N64 original one of the best games ever made.  But this sadly didn’t click with me, for all the above reasons plus I found myself having to resort to a walkthrough a little too often for my tastes.

Like I said things could change as I get further into this game, but I think the following just about sums up my feelings: If you want a great hand-held Zelda game buy A Link Between World’s you’ll love it.


P.S I’d like to once again apologise for how long it actually took me to write this, and I’ll try and do better in future, Resident Evil Revelations shouldn’t be far away…

I normally don’t personalise these things but, Sam Trendall, hope you enjoy this one. 







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