My Top 5 DS/3DS Games

Need I say more, lets get going:

5. Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

Ah, this takes me back, my first Zelda game… For me a great start to Zelda for me, basically a follow up to the Gamecube classic Wind Waker, it keeps the boat mechanic from Wind Waker, which I enjoyed it was just a novel way to travel from island to island, certainly better than the train from it’s successor Spirit Tracks. I enjoyed the cel-shaded art style, some people dislike it calling it childish, I just think it’s a different direction and style that sets it apart from another games in that genre. I had a couple of problems with it, I disliked the control Link with the stylus system, I would’ve preferred to use the D-Pad but I got used to it. I also didn’t like the fact you returned to the same temple over and over and went deeper into that temple, but it meant you had to do the same puzzles over and over.

4. Mario Kart DS

A staple for any Nintendo console: Mario Kart. When it came to the DS instalment Nintendo did it very well. They didn’t revolution the series but frankly it didn’t matter, making sure at it’s core that its a good kart racing is all you need and it delivered. The online system worked well, which was a slightly uncommon thing in the early days of DS. This game contains a couple of often forgotten but interesting features, one being that you could design your own emblem for the front of your kart to be used in races. The other is the Mission Mode, it was nice to have something slightly different to do that wasn’t just the standard Grand Prix cups, they weren’t fantastic but it’s a nice addition, I was slightly disappointed that a similar idea wasn’t in the follow up game. 

3. Pokemon Diamond

Not my only Pokemon game on DS, I own 4, Diamond, Platinum, Heart Gold and White.

So why did I pick Diamond? Simple it was my first Pokemon game, the one that got me into a series that over the years has taken far too many hours of my life. Yes the game has no replay value, but that doesn’t matter that much due to the length of the main game. It takes quite a while to get all 8 badges and defeat the Elite Four and the Champion, but even then you aren’t done, you gotta catch em all and complete the National Dex. I am currently toying with buying the remakes of Ruby/Sapphire it’s dependant on it’s release date dependant to the release date of Super Smash Bros 4 which has been delayed until around October time, to fix some bugs allegedly.

2. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I’ll keep this one very brief as I’ve reviewed it in depth, which you can read of you look back through my posts. All I’ll say is that it’s the best Zelda 3DS game, that just introduces a range of new ideas, including the merge ability. I also love the fact you control Link on the circle pad, it just feels so much more natural than the old stylus system. 

Here’s my full review:


1. Mario Kart 7

Once again I’ll be brief, I’ll link in my full review at the end. Nintendo took a risk with Mario Kart 7 as they altered the formula quite a bit by introducing the underwater and glider sections. These aren’t just passive things, you have to control yourself during flight and it can give an advantage if done correctly. The kart customisation system is a nice new addition, admittedly you won’t notice drastic changes as you change bits of your kart, but it does have some effect. 

Here’s my full review:

I thought I’d add in some honourable mentions, games I’ve enjoyed but didn’t make the list.

Honourable Mentions:

GTA: Chinatown Wars

When you say to people ‘It’s a GTA game on a handheld’ They’ll look back at you thinking that’s sounds terrible, won’t buy it. But is was a surprisingly enjoyable game that’s keeps your attention for longer than you’d think.

Pokemon White

The reason this particular Pokemon game deserves a mention is that introduced 156 new Pokemon to the franchise, which just breathed some new life into the franchise.

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Not my favourite Zelda DS game, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a bad game, if you enjoy Zelda games, I would certainly recommend buying this game and giving it a go.







































































































































































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