My Top 5 Wii Games

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, this a personal list, so don’t shout at me if you disagree.

Right then:

5. New Super Mario Bros Wii

Some people might be thinking, why isn’t this higher?, it’s a great game. The honest answer is that I’m not amazing at it, I do enjoy what I have played of it, and I salute Nintendo for trying something a little bit different to the Mario series, which lets be honest was getting a little bit stale. The only thing that gets to me about this game, is that when playing with other people, which was kind of the whole point of this game, things get cluttered. What I mean is that you often find yourself tripping over other players and knocking each other off platforms which can make gameplay a slightly frustrating experience. While it seems to go against what the game is about, if you want to enjoy this game, I recommend playing the majority of the game in single player.

4. Wii Sports

Come on, how could this not be on the list? This was the Wii game, the game that everyone played and helped to shift the Wii console. This game has a weird sort of replay value, despite being a pretty shallow game designed purely to showcase the Wii motion console. Even so I’ll come back to this game for the odd game of Tennis just because it’s such a simple game to get into that doesn’t take half an hour to explain how the game works to people that have never seen a Wii before in their life. People may be thinking surely if I was going to put one of these games on the list it should have been the follow up Wii Sports Resort. As always there’s a simple answer I don’t own the game as I don’t own Wii Motion Plus or the newer Wii Remote Plus.

3. Super Mario Galaxy

This is a rare Mario game, like Sunshine that tried to do something completely new to the Mario franchise. Yet these games are caught in a funny paradox, people always moaned that the Mario series doesn’t innovate, when this game was released the critics did indeed praise it for that. But when compared to the rather samey New Super Mario Bros series, not many people bought it.Gamers crave innovation but when game studios give it to them, they don’t buy it, why oh why? Anyway onto the game itself, it is quite simply fantastic the visuals are mind blowing, one of the best looking games the Wii ever produced throughout its life span. The soundtrack is also a master piece, it’s one of those rare soundtracks where I happily will go back to listen to particular tracks, I recommend Good Egg Galaxy and Gusty Garden Galaxy music.

2. Goldeneye 007

Ok, I admit, like Ocarina, I never played the original N64 game that is loved by so many. But if it helps I’ve watched the film many many times, and I commend them for at least in some places sticking to the film faithfully. Yes I know this remake contains current Bond actor Daniel Craig rather than the actual Goldeneye actor Pierce Brosnan. But I applaud the makers for using all the proper official actors from the Bond film franchises, it’s a little thing but it just makes that game that bit more special. Ironically my favourite Bond game Nightfire, didn’t contain Brosnan’s voice. I would personally recommend playing the game with the Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro, I found it more comfortable as I was used to playing shooting games on a dual analogue stick controller. So I can’t comment on how to play the game using the game with the Wii Remote. It’s a well made game, the missions are a good length and the difficulty curve isn’t too steep.

1. Super Smash Bros Brawl

  Yet another example of a game with a simple formula that means it’s very enjoyable. It has a great range of characters from a number series, I know some are quite controversial, I’m looking at you Sonic… But I’m not going into that here. I have a mixed feelings concerning the Single Player campaign mode. I’ve covered this before, so I’ll be brief, I enjoyed the general concept and I thought the cut scenes where well made and portrayed an interesting story. The flaw with it was that the game’s engine was designed to work as a fighting game, and it worked. However that engine doesn’t work effectively as a platforming engine. Admittedly I’m slightly sad that Super Smash Bros 4 will not contain a single player campaign.

Well that’s that, hope you enjoyed it, coming up in the next couple of days will be *SPOILER ALERT* My Top 5 DS/3DS Games.     


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