The Future of Just Another Gaming Blog?

Don’t panic, despite the ominous sounding title I want to make one thing clear, the blog is NOT shutting down. However due to the fact my life is set to become very busy, how and when I deliver content on this site will change.

Firstly, I will no longer be able to guarantee posts all throughout the year, posts will be more likely to appear during holiday periods.
Secondly, the frequency of reviews will change, reviews take the longest of all types of articles to write and require new games to be written about, two resources that’ll be in short supply.
But they won’t be gone forever, I’ve actually had two reviews waiting to be written, Terraria and Batman: Arkham City. Honestly they would have been released already, but I could never quite settle on what areas to tackle in the review.
If all goes to plan, one or both of those should appear perhaps before the end of the year
In future I’ll be moving towards more non-review articles, such as my thoughts on major gaming news/conferences or a look back at an old console.

While the blog may not be as active as it was, I will still be around in a couple of ways:
Follow me on Twitter, @AnotherGmgBlog moving forward I’ll try and tweet more with my opinions on news stories, new releases etc

You’ll also find me making appearances via email every week (and very occasionally in person) on the One Track Gamers Podcast, do give it a listen, they’re a great bunch of people with a real passion for gaming.

Thanks to everyone who reads these ramblings of mine and for your continued support.
I hope to be delivering some brand new articles to you in the near future 


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